About Direct Primary Care


“Our Purpose is To Help You And Your Family Achieve Optimal Health!”

Most primary care medical practices suffer from enormous overhead expenses created by government bureaucracy and insurance company requirements. In fact, around 40 cents of every dollar spent on primary care in this country is diverted away from patient care, consumed by the insurance “coding” and billing processes. To make ends meet in this broken system, mainstream primary care physicians are forced to take on far more patients than they can care for optimally. At Cottontree, we do things differently, and better.

“We Are Removing The Bureaucracy Of Government And Insurance From Our Medical Practice!” 

Where There Are No Deductibles, No Co-Pays, No Pre-existing Conditions, And No More Hassle With Insurance.

“You’ll Experience Quality Personal Health Care The Way It Should Be!”

It Must Be Affordable, Easy To Access, The Finest Quality Care Available Anywhere And Provide A Personal Patient/Physician Relationship. 

Cottontree provides primary care services under Utah Code 34A-4-106.5 (“Medical Retainer Agreements”;)

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